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The purpose of The Shootists Holiday is to gather together with people who have similar interests and:

1. Enjoy one another's company
2. Learn from each other
3. Test new ideas and products
4. Have fun
5. Educate and train new shooters in the proper and safe use of firearms.


The Shootists Holiday is a closed gathering. Attendance is by invitation only, with concurrence by the Chairman and the Board of Directors.  Membership is limited to invitees.

Shootists Board of Directors

John Taffin - Chairman Emeritus

Mark Hargrove - Chairman

Rick Nylin - Vice Chairman

Jason Cloessner - Secretary

Bob Baker - Treasurer

Bobby Tyler - Industry Liaison

Boge Quinn - Newsletter Editor / Webmaster / Chaplain

Dick Dicciardello

Milt Morrison

Matt Olivier

Jim Wilkerson

Advisory Directors

(Advisory directors are retired Board members)

Jerry Danuser

Bill Gilson

Paco Kelly

Tom Lindner

Bud McDonald

Jim Taylor

In Memoriam

(Former Board members who have crossed The River)

Tedd Adamovich

Wayne Baker

Jeff Quinn





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